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Lavender/Self Blue

Much like the Lavender Orpington, we fell in love with the coloring, "muffs", and personality of the Ameraucana. We also sought to give our customers an option for a lovely minty-blue egg layer! The Ameraucana are hardy, dependable layers whose eggs are a gorgeous light blue and medium-sized. The Ameraucana have a very lively, active, and friendly personality.  


Ameraucana have blue legs, a bright red pea comb, and most importantly, they have beautiful "muffs" for which they are well known.  While not a Bantam, Ameraucana are a smaller large fowl bird.  

Our Breeding Lines

These Lavender (Self Blue) Ameraucana are a very exciting venture for us. We have hatched our first lines from the very best breeders and strive to improve each generation. The foundation stock comes from show-lines and we sell these as potentially show-quality. We are breeding this line with temperament, egg color and size, and feather quality in mind, all while staying true to “type” and breeding towards that Standard of Perfection.   We have both shown and won with our birds


Fertile Hatching Eggs ~                                                                                                            $30/half-dozen
                                                                                                                                                   $20 shipping

Unsexed Chicks ~                                                                                                                     $10 per chick

Juveniles available upon request.                                                              
 Please call for more information.

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