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Who We Are!

With our passion for quality, honesty, and consistently improving breeding programs. We  want to provide customers with the highest quality birds, we will be here for you, and stand behind all our birds every step of the way.

Originally founded by mother-son team Megan and Shem Abel they began hatching eggs “just for fun”... Over the course of four years, with the mentorship of many well-reputed breeders, they sought to breed the best quality possible and The One Egg was born. In November of 2023, Shem moved on to new endeavors in high school and decided to change his focus.


The One Egg was purchased by April Leithleiter and moved to April's Acres, a growing, diversified farm, in Farmville, Virginia. April looks forward to working with current and new customers as she continues to consult with the original breeders of each line to ensure excellent breeding programs. Aprils Acres continues to meet the Standard of perfection for American Poultry Association,  listed fowl and improve the unlisted fowl. 


The One Egg birds are bred for health first, laying ability, then beauty. Whether you are purchasing hatching eggs or chicks, you can be sure that high quality feed, housing and care went into every bird, chick and egg.

Aprils Acres xxx

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