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Orpingtons, all-round, are the best breed that we own! Not only are they incredibly friendly, but they are also amazing dual-purpose birds. (Dual purpose means that they are perfect for meat and eggs). Don't wait! We sell out fast!


While the Lavender Orpington is not yet accepted by the APA as a Variety of Orpington (though we continue to work on that!). People simply love the pale lavender/pearl grey and light blue coloration of the feathers. While Blue and lavender are very rare in the chicken world and an uncommon color.


“A dual-purpose fowl bred for heavy meat production and for eggs. Color of skin, white; color of eggshells, light brown to dark brown. The feathers should be broad and smooth fitting on the deep and massive body of the fowl. The appearance of great massiveness, however, should not be secured by developing extreme length of feathers in the plumage. The sides of the body sometimes erroneously referred to as the “fluff,” should be comparatively straight with full but not profuse feathering.”



Our Breeding Lines
The Lavender Orpington was the first breed of chicken with which we truly fell in love. We loved the self-blue (lavender) coloring that breeds true. More importantly, however, we knew the Orpington to be a breed suitable for virtually anyone. They are docile, friendly, good layers, not too noisy, and hardy. We strive to breed to the Standard of Perfection of the Orpington and work very hard to be sure that the Lavender or Self-Blue coloring does not become diluted and split feathering or "shredding" does not occur. As with all our breeds, we seek out the best breeders from which to base our lines and with whom we continue to work as mentors. We continue to look to Stephanie Coomer, Angela Ullanch, and Sarah Batz for their ongoing feedback and counsel and they have helped us establish and select our breeding stock.


Other Varieties & Colors
While we focus on breeding show-quality and to standard with our Lavender (Self-Blue), Black, and Black-Split to Lavender, we also enjoy working with some other color varieties within the Orpington breed that we do not show ~ Blue, Chocolate, and Mauve.

Orpington | Lavender (Self-Blue) Black | Black-Split | Chocolate | Mauve

  • All our birds have been raised on high protein feed resulting in them having lustrous and beautiful feathers.

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