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The Velociraptor of chickens, This 4-foot tall chicken comes straight out of the jungle in Brazil.  Not only are these birds giants, but they are also one of the most docile breeds we breed!



Originating from Brazil, the Indio Gigante is known as the “Velociraptor” of chickens or a “Giant Chicken.” This chicken has the long torso and neck typical of the Malayoid breeds. However, its unique height comes from the Gigante’s ridiculously long legs and huge feet. Rooster can routinely measure 36” in height and beyond. Despite their size, however, this breed is very docile and playful. These birds truly are Gentle Giants!


Not only are these birds massive, but they also have no standard color! Most likely, you will end up with a brown-speckled girl or a golden-laced girl. But if you are lucky, the white gene shown in our rooster may come out. The boys, on the other hand, will portray up to ten different colors in an infinite number of patterns. No Indio is the same. Your Indio will be a one-of-a-kind color.


Our Breeding Lines
Our Indio Gigante breeding lines comes exclusively from Greenfire Farms, currently. With every generation we carefully select and look to improve this amazing breed.

Indio Gigante

  • All our birds have been raised on high protein feed resulting in them having lustrous and beautiful feathers.

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