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Are you hungry for something new? Well, we have the perfect bird for you, the Bresse chicken. This bird originates in France and is said to have the best-tasting meat of any chicken breed!



The Bresse chicken originated in France. They were imported into the United States in 2011. In France, Bresse is one of the most prized birds due to their quality of meat. It is said that Bresse is the tastiest meat in the world. Also, Bresse is culturally very connected to France as the colors of the French flag are the same as those visible on the chicken itself (white feathers, blue legs, red combs, and wattles). While being incredible meat birds, these birds also lay large, light-brown eggs. Why are they such good meat birds, you may ask? The Bresse diet should be predominantly corn and dairy thereby improving their bone-to-meat ratio. Compared to most chickens, the Bresse has much thinner bones resulting in their surplus of meat from a young age. Even though the Bresse have so much significance, in my opinion, their appearance is that of a stereotypical chicken. Bresse has a colossal white body, blue legs, and a straight red comb. The only exceptional thing (excluding their meat) about this bird is that they are VERY hefty compared to some of the other birds their size.


Our Breeding Lines

We are very new to the Bresse world, but we did end up getting these birds from a specialty Bresse breeder in the US whose farms name is Bresse Farms.


  • All our birds have been raised on high protein feed resulting in them having lustrous and beautiful feathers.

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