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Our regular Black Copper Marans are perfect for those of you who are looking for backyard chickens.   Unlike the Show Marans, these birds are bred for their chocolate eggs. 



The Marans breed originated in France, in marshy areas close to the Atlantic coast. The breed is named after the historic port town of Marans. Marans have been imported to the USA in small numbers for many years, beginning around the time that soldiers returned to the United States after World War II. The American standard adheres to the French standard calling for lightly feathered shanks and toes.


Marans are best known for their large, russet brown eggs. This is a defining characteristic of the Marans breed, so selection for egg color and size should never be neglected. Physically, the Marans is a medium-sized bird with the character of a rustic farm hen, giving an impression of solidity and strength without being coarse. The legs are lightly feathered. Eye color is bright and clear in all varieties, never darkening into brown nor paling into yellow or pearl.


Our Breeding Lines

We are very proud to have our breeding lines originating from one of the best breeders in the U.S. Our breeding stock originates from Skip Bittner at Two Bitts Farm in Newnan, GA.  Skip is a Master Exhibitor and we are grateful to continue to work with him on our breeding program with our Marans.  Skip breeds Champion Marans and, following in his footsteps, ours have also made it to Champion Row.  


**Most notably, one of our Marans won Junior Champion Large Fowl at the 2022 APA Ohio Nationals.

While we do not breed strictly for egg color, more for adherence to standard, our birds lay lovely russets colored eggs nonetheless, as they should.  Additionally, again with the help of Skip, we have a dedicated "dark layer" breeding pen.  Still beautiful birds with a focus on egg color.

Black Copper Marans | Dark Egg Layers

  • All our birds have been raised on high protein feed resulting in them having lustrous and beutiful feathers.

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