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Are ordinary chickens too simple for you? Well, here is your solution, a chicken straight out of fairytales, a chicken black as the night sky, a chicken from the coast of Indonesia, the one, the only all-black chicken, Ayam Cemani.



The Ayam Cemani is a breed developed mfrom the selective breeding of a naturally occorring mutation of wild landrace chcikens of Centeral Java. The defining characteristic of this breed is intense black coloring that makes them completly black all the way to the bone. The blackest birds are sought after in Asian countries for belief in their mystical, midicinal powers and ceremonial dishes. 


Our Breeding Lines
Our Journey with these breathtaking birds started with Greenfire farms hatching eggs.  We soon found a specialty breeder in the US named Shawn Gonyaw and now exclusively breed his lines.

Ayam Cemani

  • All our birds have been raised on high protein feed resulting in them having lustrous and beautiful feathers.  

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