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A perfect bird for beginners!  These birds are decently docile, rare, Autosexing, and Amazing sellers!



Fifty-Five Flowery Hens were created in 1955 in Sweden by Father Martin Silverudd, also the creator of the Isbar. Fifty-five were the first breed invented by Silverudd and over a half-century have proven to be his most successful creation in creating an autosexing chicken that produces eggs for the table in commercial quantities. Using different varieties of leghorns Silverudd created a breed where the rooster looks very different than the hen throughout its life.

While 55 Flowery hens are hard to find, they are known as INCREDIBLE egg layers, producing large quantities of extra-large white eggs. This bird is also easy to hatch as they are an auto-sexing breed, meaning chick sex can be determined from hatch based on appearance. Cockerels are all white in appearance, whereas the females tend to come in a variety of different colors. These colors can range from a sliver laced effect, all the way to a silver splash black splash gold appearance. On top of all that, these birds are decently heavy (considering their size).


Our Breeding Lines
Our current breeding stock is based on Chicken Scratch Poultry in Illinois, also a fantastic breeder of 55 Flowery Hens. We are very excited to continue to breed, hatch, and improve the 55 Flowery Hen while sharing with our customers from near and far!

55 Flowery Hens

  • All our birds have been raised on high protein feed resulting in them having lustrous and beautiful feathers.

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