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Call Ducks

Call Ducks are the darlings of the poultry yard - and definitely the cutest of all ducks! Although originally bred for hunting purposes, specifically as live 'duck decoys,' Call Ducks are used only as pets and barnyard companions now. They are the smallest of all duck breeds, and their rounded cheeks, great big dark eyes, and short little bills give them a sweet appearance, looking like toy ducks. They are entertaining, active, and very friendly. Although extra care should be taken with their water tubs 

Call ducks are miniature ducks.   Everything from their bills to their body is just a smaller size of a full-grown duck. As far as colors go, we have three different breeding pens worth of ducks.   We have black-bibbed, white, and grey call duck. The Black bibbed call ducks have a white stomach, and they also have a black back. The white call duck, as the name says, all their feathers are or should be bleach white (very hard to keep them that white). The Gray call ducks are not gray at all! Or, at least, the females are not. The females appear to be golden-laced. The males, on the other hand, are gray with a brown Chest and the traditional lustrous green head

Our Breeding Lines

As with all of our show stock, we depend heavily on mentorship and starting out with only the best. In our experience, we have found it very hard to ”create” the best until we have developed enough experience to know how to do so.  So, with that said, our breeding lines have begun with Ken and April Miskimmon, who are notably some of the best call duck breeders in the U.S.  Our black bibbed originally generously came from Kanyon Blake, who also dedicates great time and effort into showing and breeding.


Fertile Hatching Eggs ~                                                                                                              $40/half-dozen
                                                                                                                                                     $20 Shipping

Unsexed Ducklings ~                                                                                                                  $25 each.

Juveniles available upon request ~                                                                Please call for more information.

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