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Bantam Orpington
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The Bantam Orpington is nothing more than a miniature Orpington. Although the difference is that the bird that was bred in order for the size to shrink comes from southeast Asia. The word Bantam derives from a seaport in Indonesia.

Almost every quality and type of the Bantam Orpington is the same as that of the Large Fowl Orpington. The only difference is that the Bantam's weight (according to the Standard of Perfection) should be 38 oz for a male, whereas the Large Fowl Orpington Standard weight is 10 lbs. 
Our Breeding Lines

Perhaps due to our love for the Orpington as a breed, we have found ourselves enamored also with the Bantam.  They are just as hardy, have a very similar personality, and eat FAR less than the Large Fowl! And, as with all of our breeds, we always strive to start with the best! With that said, we are proud to say that our birds originate from the lines of Sarah Batz of Stella Frances Farm in Ohio as well as Bud Blankenship, with whom we continue to work.


Fertile Hatching Egg ~                                                                                                             $40/half-dozen
                                                                                                                                                   $20 shipping

Chicks ~                                                                                                                                     
$10 each.

Juveniles available upon request ~                                                             Please call for more information.

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